Dear participants,

Due to COVID-19, we announce that the Conference “Migration, Diaspora and Identity in the New Era: Development Policies, Opportunities and Pitfalls” previously scheduled for 25-26 May is postponed to October 2020. Deadline for abstract submissions is extended to 20 September 2020. Looking forward to seeing you in October 2020!




Book of Abstracts

Migration, Mobility and Social Welfare in the context of Euro-Atlantic integration   

Demography, economic development and security  

After the agreed solution of the name dispute of our country and expected mutely acceptable solution between the Republic of Kosovo and Serbia, it appears that the region is on a way to overcome political stalemate thus opening a real prospect for region’s integration into the EU and NATO. Unfortunately, this positive trend is also accompanied by a phenomenon such as migration that produces serious demographic consequences that ultimately have an impact on the economy as well as on political stability and security.

This conference aim is to address the phenomenon of migration and integration as a parallel process, as a chance and as a handicap. Such an approach is self-imposing if we consider that the expectations are that the integration has positive effects on the economic development, on one hand, on the other hand, the emigration of a part of the population, most of them young, educated people, will have unprecedented negative consequences in many segments, such as in the sphere of economy as well as demography.

The region is already and will be more and more comforted with emigration coming from countries outside the continent, mostly through illegal channels which present a security threat.

The conference will welcome all the works related to this subject, as well as the interdisciplinary nature, which can help to deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge of this phenomenon, which can be a way of decision-making authority in the methods and approach to successfully manage this issue.